Tactical Troops:Antracite Shift is a science-fiction game of tactics and dexterity.

Command a small troop of elite soldiers, exploring an unknown planet using advanced teleportation technology and take over priceless resources!

Explore and fight your way through a sublime and dangerous planet, far away from the debris of a destroyed Earth. All within a detailed and atmospheric world of hand-drawn 2d graphics and dynamic shadows!

The game will be released in cooperation with Slitherine – publisher of strategy games.

Discover true tactical freedom! Tactical Troops is a certified gridless game. Soldiers go exactly where you want them to.
Rich, interactive environment, such as mobile covers, but also sometimes crossing the limits of known physics, such as teleporters that can be used to throw a grenade right under your opponent's feet!
Beautiful and meticulously drawn by hand 2D graphics. Varied scenery and dynamic shadows liven up the world for an even more engaging experience.
Human-like A.I.
A human-like A.I. - powered by the Grail technology - will dictate the behavior of your opponents. Never cheating, but always learning and uniquely adapting to your actions. Stay sharp!
Teleportation is a crucial and fascinating technology - especially when used for war. Adding a whole new dimension to tactical combat thinking, they are a permanent challenge to a Commander's mind.
Single Player
15-hour long campaign, with drop-in co-op with live players or lifelike bots. Create your own military band, take your first contract and explore bountiful Antracita, Meet other factions, conquer or ally yourself with them, and discover Earth's true fate!
Multi Player
Online multiplayer (with an actual, working netcode and the touchingly nostalgic HOT-SEAT mode. Professional matchmaking, ranking and anti-cheat will full support for competitive esports.