Tactical Troops:Antracite Shift is a science-fiction game of tactics and dexterity.

Command a small troop of elite soldiers, exploring an unknown planet using advanced teleportation technology and take over priceless resources!

Explore and fight your way through a sublime and dangerous planet, far away from the debris of a destroyed Earth. All within a detailed and atmospheric world of hand-drawn 2d graphics and dynamic shadows!

Every single movement takes place in a grid-less tactical environment. Plan your strategy and move your troops with freedom: attack on an open field or from a hidden corner. Take cover behind rocks and trees or ambush the enemy from inside buildings and bunkers.
Rich, interactive environment, such as mobile covers, but also sometimes crossing the limits of known physics, such as teleporters that can be used to throw a grenade right under your opponent's feet!
Beautiful 2D graphics, meticulously drawn by hand, work in unison with the game’s 3D low-poly environment. Varied scenery and dynamic shadows liven up the world for an even more engaging experience.
Human-like A I
A human-like AI -powered by the Grail AI technology - will dictate the behavior of your opponents. Enemy type (animals, humans or robots) determines the way they think and react to your activity. Stay sharp!
Teleporters add a whole new dimension to tactical combat thinking and they are a permanent challenge to a Commander's mind. Not only you can teleport your units, but also your bullets and grenades. You can plan ambushes from the other side of the map and even use teleporters as shields!
Single Player
Explore the beauty and the dangers of planet Anthracite by leading your troops through 41 missions of a story-rich singleplayer campaign with about 30 hours of gameplay. Fight various enemy types including menacing local fauna, Bullets bandits, autonomous robots and well equipped ACP soldiers.
Multi Player
Play against a friend or a challenging AI in online multiplayer or the touchingly nostalgic hot-seat mode. No grinding, only your skills matter. Reach for the top of the rankings with support for competitive esports.