Poznań Game Arena 2018
Published: 2018-12-17

PGA2018 was a breakthrough event for us! It was the first time we had the opportunity to present our game to a wider audience. It was of course associated with a lot of stress and feverish preparations, with a – benevolent! – quick crunch the night before the PGA. Thanks to those heroic final efforts we applied some crucial patches and adjusted the gameplay to ensure as much fun as possible for our visitors.

Throughout the show, our booth was visited by all kinds of gamers – both young and old, experienced gaming mavens as well as bright-eyed aficionados attending such an event for the very first time. We are genuinely happy about every interaction – talking to our potential players and first fans is a heart-warming experience. We are also grateful for all your opinions, feedback, your likes and dislikes concerning gameplay in the world of SpotShift.   

Moreover, we organized a matched play tournament on the last day of the show – and we were amazed by the attendance and number of competition-hungry players! The cup was quite a challenge for many, putting both their tactical and prediction skills to the test. 

However, Only one commander could walk away with the sweet taste of victory on his lips – this time it was Mierzwej, member of the esports amateur group PiekielnyGaming

Even more awesomely, the editor-in-chief of https://lubiegrac.pl/ AnoX, after a succession of increasingly demanding battles – also wrote out some initial impressions about Tactical Troops. Check it out! https://lubiegrac.pl/news,pga-2018-tactical-troops-jak-podejsc.

PGA was awesome – it was the first truly ‘live’ test of Tactical Troops on such a large group. The feedback we received from players was both amazing and very extensive. It really helped us pinpoint the best, most emotionally rousing aspects of the game – and to elaborate on them even further in the months following PGA 2018.   

We can’t wait to see you in 2019 and show you all the improvements and evolution Tactical Troops went through as a game!

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