Prototyping process
Published: 2019-04-19

It doesn’t have to be perfectly designed to be useful. A prototype is an unrefined sample of what you want to create – and this is ours.

First basic graphics

On the upper screen you can see the first model of the game. There are soldiers (two teams: red and blue), they can take the ‚walk’ action, buildings, there’s blood (so combat and effects!). But – most importantly you can see that teleporterts were an integral part of our design idea since the earliest iteration of Tactical Troops!

Experiments with line of sight

On the second screenshot you can see the first experiments with line of sight. We decided to drop this idea for better control over playground – like in chess.

New graphics, boxes and movement circle

After initial tests we added some new graphics, moving boxes and designed first multiplayer level. There you can also see first attempt to movement circle that shows movement range of selected unit.

Added shadows and basic GUI

There you can see new visual experiments. 2D sprites were supplemented with 3D primitive shapes. Thanks to this game gained more realistic view and didn’t feel so flat.

Additionally we have added some first GUI action buttons and basic debug informations.

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