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Rafał Kowalski
Head of Game Development

A project manager with 12 years of experience under his belt, Rafał made his chops in every aspect of the business, from planning, through development up till successful premieres.

A creator of both humble Android games (albeit with 0,5 mln downloads on some of them!) and full, Steam-worthy, releases (“Mooch”).

His favorite part of the inventive process is drafting and designing new games and mechanics – he still has over 80 that are yet to see the light of day! In his free time he plays chess, PC games, NES and GBA emulators, board- and role-playing games.
On weekends he runs around with an air-soft  gun.

Piotr Biczyk
Making things happen

An agile manager, with extensive experience in software development projects, both for private sector and for public administration.
Physicist by heart, he has worked on incredibly interesting topics of high pressure material research (super-hard ceramics), as well as solid state optics (blue laser diodes).
His post-academic career brought him into computer security and software development areas.

Now he fulfills his dream of combining two worlds – interesting scientific research and building useful software. His goal is to make a dent in the universe and make the world a better place.

Privately – sailing the high seas, climbing, meadmaking, fencing, and dozens of other bizzare activities

Rafał Tyl
Senior game/AI developer

Like the Architect, but red-headed

An image-processing specialist during his college years, he quickly turned his attention to gamedev.

Focusing his attention mostly on AI, he gained recognition for his work in RTS games (such as the multiplayer bots for Ancestors Legacy) and programming the traffic for mobile simulation games such as: Truck Simulator PRO 2, Bus Simulator PRO 2, BUS Simulator PRO 2017, Construction Simulator PRO 2017.

Where is not busy coding even more complicated AI models, he plays guitar, composes progressive metal and enjoys discovering new video games.

Own projects on: Github

Piotr „Wooki” Łukaszewicz
Games/AI developer

The coding Wookie

Fascinated by automation, his masters degree was creating a robot that spies on people using a depth sensor, with the software to go along.

A member of the “Polygon” Game Creators science Club for the last 8 years, where he gives lectures about AI and mentors projects. Placed first in the “SUMO” robotics competition along with partners from the “Bionik” science Club, which he attended for 4 years.

His wide development portfolio includes process automation (Deloitte), robotics as well as security and MMO games.

A lover of gamedev, AI and militaria. He regularily enjoys playing both video- and board games. You can often meet him at local game jams, of which he attended 11 in the last 6 years!

Daniel „Dante” Lewiński
Games/AI developer

The aspiring demon hunter

GIC 2018 speaker, member of “Polygon” science Club for the last 4 years, where he is also a lecturer. He also presides over the algorithmic Circle.

His most pertinent topics are: Pathfinding, Collision detection, minimax trees, space partitioning, time complexity, convex hull, flocking behaviors, steering behaviors.

Game jam participant:

In his free time he plays games – both video and not. He loves devouring great fantasy books and comics. His favorite Gummi Bear is Grafi.

Kamil „Frozenshade” Siara
Network programmer
Almost 20 years of programming experience for IT industries and Gamedev in a single body! Primarily in databases, client-server systems and network applications. Used to administrate his own emulator-based game servers. He designed and implemented two games, one of which runs on a proprietary engine! – 2 years of work, available.
Skullstone – 3d dungeon crawler, in the development for the last 6 years. Kamil works on the Skullstone’s engine code, designs and implements the gameplay, shaders, co-creates the script and lore and manages the work of a 9-person team. Whew!
In the TacticalTroops team, Kamil is mainly responsible for netcode and matters related to the game server and database. He also integrates the game with external systems, such as Sensei.
Maciej Świechowski
AI developer

In England, Maciek is pronounced like „Magic”

His relationship with games began with an NES clone called “Pegasus”.
However, things got really serious when his father bought him a brand new 386DX PC.

Since then, he’s been interested in how games (and other programs) are made.
The interest grew and here he is – with Master and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science.
If you want to read more about the serious stuff: go check out.

Privately – shy boy, who likes fast cars, playing the electric guitar and travelling to places, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.
Oh, as as a proper nerd, he was in the top200 Magic: the Gathering players in Poland, at some point.

Piotr "Zombik" Samborowski
Game Designer

A rookie game designer with almost 10 years of experience in Human Relations and a master’s degree in applied linguistics. His master’s thesis was about the translation of pirate lingo in books and video games from English to Spanish. He’s also a chairman of an association that organizes anime conventions. Overall a huge nerd.

He started making games with Klik & Play when he was 8 years old. A few years ago he discovered game jams and got hooked immediately. To this day, though, he’s only had one commercial release of a simple puzzle game on Android.

Mostly spends time binging TV series and playing story-focused games on PC. Strongly believes that Fallout 2 is the best game ever and is prepared to fight you if you don’t agree. Is a capable Dungeon Master and has a few movie ideas that might just be made one day.

Maciej Merski
Concept Artist

Always busy with his magic pen

A designer, concept artist, illustrator and animator, Maciek is actually a silent kil.. man of many talents.
He authored the interface, illustrations, many assets and animations for Unity.

When he is not currently drawing, the evil marketing team mercilessly exploits his skills to craft creative visuals, pages and power point presentations about Jabeerwockies.

When he lets go of his creative paraphernalia, he rollerskates in the kitchen.

Kamil Tondera
Concept Artist
Bodybuilding is a form of art
Graphic designer with 8 years of experience, many of which spent in the deadly wilds of marketing agencies, where he mainly crafted visual identification and creative advertising.In his current, happier life, he creates concepts, artworks and assets for the glory of Tactical Troops! ?
He is also experienced with 3d graphics, retopology, uv object maps, character skinning and rigging.His weapons of choice are Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. For 3d he uses Zbrush, 3Ds max and Substance Painter.
Jan Michniewski
Mercilessly squashing bugs

A mysterious skeleton of many talents and occupations, his past shrouded by the sands of Anthracite, his body fell apart from too much teleportation.

Now his keen eyes and sharp mind serve the Overseer in his eternal pursuit for perfection, seeking bugs in everything.

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